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Our Story

Mendet Naturally Daily Skin Care Solution

Mendet Naturally began as just a formula to assist my niece, Kinslee, who was diagnosed with Eczema when she only six months old. One evening my brother and his family came to visit. As I held my niece I noticed that her arms and legs felt like sandpaper. “What is wrong with this baby’s skin?”, I asked my brother, Kristopher. Kristopher advised Kinslee had been diagnosed with Eczema. I then inquired how was Kinslee being treated. Kristopher responded, “With medication”. I proclaimed, “Lord this baby’s skin is terrible”. My husband Joseph had adopted an organic lifestyle; therefore, I had raw shea butter, raw cocoa butter, and other natural ingredients within my home.

I took out several ingredients and prayed over each one as I created a formula for Kinslee’s Eczema. I vowed she would not be shunned by her peers as she grew up due to this skin disorder. After the formula was created I gave it to my brother and advised him to use it on Kinslee’s skin for fourteen days. This recommendation came because it normally takes seven days for something new to get into your system and seven days to yield results. Kristopher used the formula as instructed and called me on the eighth day to advise Kinslees’s skin was peeling profusely. I assured Kristopher that this peeling was normal and no need to be alarmed. Kristopher and Shonda continued to use the formula on Kinslee for twenty-one days. Kristopher’s testimony is, “Kinslee had eczema, used the formula, and now she doesn’t have it”. Elated with the results I begin to share the formula with others.

I gave some of the formula to my mother who tried it on some white cow spots that appeared on her arm. Her testimony is the spots went away back in 2010 and have not returned to date. That is not to say they won’t ever return just have not up to this point. My friend Alesia tried the formula on her stretch marks. She applied it for ten days and stated her stretch marks were, “less visible”.

Tracy used the formula on an itchy rash under her arm pits that occurred as a result of using Right Guard men’s deodorant. I wondered why she would do such a thing. The rash looked disgusting. Nonetheless, the formula would temporarily relieve the itching. Tracy received a steroid shot to control the inflammation and continued to use the formula to bring back the normal coloration and appearance of her armpits.

When Tracy submitted her testimony it read as follows, “I highly recommend _______… I saw tremendous results after using ________ on my itchy rash.” I asked myself, “Who knows what blank is?”.

I sought to name the formula so that people would have a reference when giving testimonies. I did not want to be a part of the revitalizing or rejuvenating wave. I prayed about the name also. I liked Mend because it was simple and something old and young people are familiar with. I knew it could not just be mend so I asked my cousin Portia from Kansas City what she thought. She said, “Call it Mendix”. When I searched this in Google it came up as pornography based on the sound. Yikes! So I decided against Mendix. You want to Mend It so the formula is now named Mendet.

Being a wife, mother of two, Godmother of four, full time employee, and active church volunteer there is rarely any time left to promote a business. Mendet lingered on the back burner of my life from December 2010 – December 2011. I was pushed to go forward with Mendet by Kathy who was my 1st customer on December 17, 2011.

Since then I have participated in the Black History Parade (February 2012), had debut presentation to Women’s Conference in Shreveport, LA (March 2012), interviewed with KTBS Channel 3 news in my home (March 2012), was a vendor for the NAACP national convention (April 2012), The Farm in Minden (June 2013), Beta Phi Sigma Sorority Convention in Las Vegas, NV (August 2013), and Women’s Conference in Opelousas, LA (March 2014). Mendet was recently featured on KTAL Channel 6 during a live interview (February 2016).

My most recent product was added to the line on last summer called Fli-A-Way insect solution. I created Fli-A-Way because Dorothy suggested it. She was having company at her home and did not want to be annoyed by the flies and mosquitos. After creation we tested the product below her open porch light where hundreds of bugs were flying rapidly. We were able to stand underneath the light for several minutes without any bugs getting on us.

I currently have three products in the Mendet Naturally line that include: Mendet cream, Mendet organic soap, and Fli-A-Way insect solution. All products are preservative free, contain no harsh chemicals, and are safe enough for an infant at least six months old.

Mendet is a daily moisturizing cream that has been used to soothe Eczema, dry skin, surgical scars, burns, stretch marks, razor bumps, diaper rash, and much more. I highly recommend using the cream and soap together for amazing results.

Kimberly L. Green